Casbia Fall 2017

CASBIA Fall 2017 Collection. 

Unconventional in every way possible, Casbia has been pushing the boundaries of design since its beginnings. The designs are said to reflect Manuele Bianchi's lifestyle and aesthetic, who owns and operates the footwear company. Modern cut's with architectural influences are evident within each model's design and quality is a priority as each shoe is made in Italy. 

Featured in the latest arrivals from Casbia are the AWOL, Dune EXP, Vetta RBT and Man Rev. Each model is entirely different, adding versatility to anybody's wardrobe. The most recent release from the brand is the Casbia x Champion AWOL Atlanta, which is the first collaboration Casbia has produced. The shoe features a premium nubuck upper, leather liner and Champion branded rubber outsole. The full collection from Casbia is available now in-store and online at REIGN New York.

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