Iceberg Fall 2018

The Fall 2018 Collection.

James Long, Iceberg’s creative director, decided to stage his coed Fall collection in the streets of Milan. Unafraid of the rain (“I’m from London, we know rain,” he declared), he had the performance start with an impromptu open-air catwalk show chez Il Salumaio, possibly the poshest restaurant of Milan’s so-called Quadrilatero della Moda, one of the world’s most expensive stretches of retail space. Then, the fashion brigade ventured down Via Montenapoleone, later touching Milanese tourist milestones like Piazza Duomo, and ending in the historical Piazza Castello. People along the way went crazy. “When I was planning the event, I thought: [This] could be the start or the end of my career,” mused the designer. No need to worry; it was a success. The Fall 2018 range consists of standout signature Iceberg pieces including sweaters, knits, t-shirts, and pants.

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In-depth Product Details & Information.

Read below for in-depth product details and information pertaining to standout pieces from the Iceberg Fall 2018 collection.

  • Triangle Tee - A standout graphic from the collection the Triangle Tee delivers an updated Iceberg design in an understated t-shirt. This product is made in Italy out of 100% pure cotton. 
  • Classic Tee - A standout graphic from the collection the Classic Tee delivers classic Iceberg design in an understated t-shirt. This product is made in Italy out of 100% pure cotton. 
  • Classic Crewneck - A standout graphic from the collection the Classic Crewneck delivers classic Iceberg design in an understated sweatshirt. This product is made in Italy out of 100% pure cotton. 
  • Since 1974 Knit - A standout signature item from the collection the Since 1974 knit delivers classic Iceberg design in an authentic fabrication. This knit is made in Italy out of 100% pure cotton. 



Iceberg is an Italian luxury fashion design house that was founded in 1974 by Silvano Gerani and Giuliana Marchini. It is a part of the Gilmar Group. Iceberg launched a dual revolution: not simply sportswear, but knit sportswear. Starting as knitwear specialists, Iceberg were an early proponent of the concept of fashionable sportswear, later expanding into leather wear and jeans. Iceberg became a byword for a dynamic fashion-forward vision with a fresh American Pop Art slant. Product development has led Iceberg and Ice Iceberg to sign partnership agreements in other segments too: fragrances, eyewear, mineral water, and shoes. Over the span of nearly forty years Iceberg has created because of a keen brand extension strategy. Now the company is both proceeding with the acquisition and expansion plan and consolidating a strategy to enhance house brand identity. Iceberg is arguably not a name you hear as often as you once did. And that’s a shame. The 40-year-old Milanese brand was founded back in 1974, but we reckon the label’s ripe for a comeback. Iceberg was intended as a luxurious sportswear label by its two vivacious designers Giuliana Marchini and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac – both of whom have a penchant for the loud and irreverent post-modernism of pop art. Iceberg took that mischievousness and blended it with the resplendent lifestyle of its Italian Riviera Romagnola origins, located on the southern European country’s Adriatic coastline. However, its true cult status, like many Italian labels of the time, began when it started being worn by people younger than who it was originally aimed at. Now the label, although never really having gone away, has managed to shake up the scene once again with an on-point menswear collection for FW16. As ever, we like to keep you au faix with what’s up, so here’s five reasons why you need to fill your rotation out with a bit of European street-wear heritage from Iceberg. The 40-year-old Milanese brand, by contrast, was founded by the two designers who each had a penchant for the loud irreverence of pop art. Starting out back in 1974 as a luxurious sportswear label, by the 1980s Iceberg was including art legend Andy Warhol in its advertising. Today, artists like Rita Ackermann and Olaf Breuning champion the label. Not surprisingly, Iceberg gives off an allure of the art world: as if answering the question of whether an artist was ever to design a street-wear collection, what that might conceivably look and feel like. Similarly, one of the brand’s most easily identifiable motifs became a detached and jagged profile of Mickey Mouse.

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