Reebok Sock Run.R

Reebok Sock Run.R Release.

Separate from the brands collaborations with Vetements, Reebok is gearing up to releases a new line of fashion related sneakers. The first drop a new iteration of their sock sneaker. Dubbed the Sock Run.R, the striking shoe recalls an earlier release with Vetements, but now featuring some new detailing. Drawing influence from a 1996 model Pump EVO prototype that never made production, the Sock Run.R sneaker boasts a black upper and deconstructed sole made up of several distinct translucent pieces. Not only does the sole ensure a unique silhouette, but it maximizes comfort while minimizing weight. A “Not For Resale RBK Sample” print appears on the ankle of the technical knit upper for extra visual interest.

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In-depth Product Details & Information.

Read below for in-depth product details and information pertaining to the Reebok Sock Run.R sneaker releases.

- Sock Run.R - Dubbed the “Sock Run.R,” the new version plops an ultra-stretchy technical-knit upper atop a four-part split-tooled out-sole pulled from a mid-90s Reebok prototype that never went into production. All of which translates to an ultra-lightweight shoe that won't sacrifice on comfort or flexibility. The ankle-cuffed upper also features white print that reads “Not For Resale RBK Sample.”


About Reebok Classics.

It is a story that begins in 1895, when Joseph William Foster founded J.W. Foster & Sons, a small-scale brand based in the north of England. His sons took over the business in the 1930s, before Jeff and Joe Foster Jr. left to form Mercury Sports Footwear in 1958. Mercury initially created cycling shoes, but when they could not register “Mercury” as a patent, a dictionary browse brought a speedy South African gazelle to their attention. Reebok was born. The Classics line’s legacy is reflected in recent collaborations. Palace’s Classic and Workout follow a lineage of local pride in Southbank style, with skater Reese Forbes wearing Classics, Stevie Williams’ mid-2000s DGK Workout signature model, and the Club C’s brief moment as the shoe of choice in the scene. West Coast phenomenon Kendrick Lamar continues the hip-hop patronage of white leather Reebok's. Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Ex-O-Fits and reworking of 1984’s Phase 1 tennis shoe take it back to the aspiration time when Reebok hit Russia and made its mark years before Nike arrived. Reebok’s organically occurring roles in divergent subcultures happened through accessibility rather than any attempts to crassly force-feed the shoes to an influential audience. Younger brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, and sons and daughters all witnessed the Classic’s role as a status symbol on older feet, ensuring that the legacy continues. Straightforward looks defy a specific era. This is proven by a shoe like the Workout, Club C, or Classic, which are simple surfaces on which to project the spirit of the times. This is how a shoe attains immortality. With the new Reebok fashion line, we will witness some never before releases products all under a more modern design direction.

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